Saturday, April 23, 2011

Top ten lists

As this trip draws nearer (we fly out May 5th) ,we find ourselves becoming both super excited, and getting mildly nervous about various things.  So we thought that in order to contain our excitements and calm our fears, we made lists to stare at face to face.
Things we are scared/nervous/anxious/ for:
10. Small shoulders (on the road)
9.  Canadian Rockies (the uphill parts)
8.  Disproportional bodies
7.  Mosquitoes
6.  Not understanding Canadian humor
5.  Running out of money
4.  Missing Melanie's wedding.  (Brad's sister believed to becoming engaged any day)
3.  Crashing
2.  Keeping up with Keith
1.  Bears, wolves, moose, mountain lions, stray dogs, semi trucks

Things we are Stoked for:
10. Raging quads
9.  Having accents
8.  Canadian Rockies (the downhill parts)
7.  Not paying high gas prices
6.  Using all our new gear
5.  Being able to say "when I was riding across Canada..."
4.  Another stamp on the passport
3.  Making lots of friends
2.  Maple syrup and Mounties
1.  Seeing Bears, wolves, moose, mountain lions, northern lights 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Bike Ride, by Mary

A bike ride, they said,

You want to go?

A bike ride, we said,

Well we cant say no!

So we're saving up cash

and selling our things

we've all got new bikes

and Canadian dreams!

We'll go near and far,

We'll see here and there!

I just hope we dont crash,

or get eaten by bears!

They call us all crazy

for biking that far

But it keeps us sane-

we need life without cars!

So we cling to our youth

and pedal out west

When we get to Alaska

we'll tell you the rest!