Monday, February 28, 2011

Christmas in February

Our massive order came in to Wasatch touring, our faithful supporters. We had a blast putting it all together and taking a few test rides. The bikes are now fully operational, and have taken several successful voyages around the block. We are loaded with all the absolutely necessary accessories like, cartoon handlebar bags, two legged kickstands, and peanut butter holders. Mary and I are headed back out on trail tomorrow and bummed we can't take our new bikes with us, but we have some shorter practice tours planned just to help us work out whatever kinks we may have. We have only 4 more weeks of work until our trip begins on May 5th. Thanks again to Wasatch Touring for all your help getting us all set up and teaching us the ins and outs of this adventure we are embarking on.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The tools

The Surly Long Haul Trucker, This is the ride Mary and B-rad will be taking across the longest country in the world.
Fun fact: It is illegal to ride a bike in Canada without any hands. B-rad has set getting a ticket for this crime as a goal for this trip.

The rough draft

The prospected route is marked in yellow. Still subject to change upon referrals by locals, bears in the road, rumors of hot springs, or forgetting to turn. Mary and B-rad are currently thinking of finishing in Alaska now but the fun part is we can always change our mind.

The Backstory

Last fall our friend Keith Larsen sent Mary and I a little message asking us if we would be interested in joining him, and his wife, on a cross Canada bike tour. Our eyes instantly lit up to the idea. Then the thoughts of responsibility and following through with the years commitment to work we recently made, quickly withered the fireworks. Very little thought was given to the invitation for the next couple months, until Keith nudged again with another invite, just after New Years. The idea was like a tall glass of water to our adventurous thirst, and our mouths forgot how to say anything other than YES. We told our work we were outta here, and as friends they were happy for us but as employers distraught over the thought of having to try and replace us (good luck). We began drooling over gear, and scenic pictures Keith would dangle in front of us. We started looking for advice, hookups, and pro deals while selling any other gear that would just be costing storage space all summer (whitewater kayak still for sale). We bought plane tickets to Bangor, Maine as our starting point, while battling criticism from our wonderfully responsibly thinking (but secretly envious) family and friends. Our orders for bikes, bags, tents, and everything else we finally have a reason to buy, is all coming in faster than we know how to pay for. This is all just the beginning of what we hope will be a great way to spend our mid life crisis. Much more blogging to come, in the meantime may I recommend shopping at Wasatch Touring- shameless plug. *B-rad