Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Biking season is back!

Well, its the end of may in Alaska, which means we are back in biking season! We wanted to spend the summer in Alaska, since we earned it by lasting through the winter! So, even though we are aching to start another tour, we decided to stick around and save up some money, and check out the local scene. What we have discovered is that on the Kenai Peninsula we are blessed with some GREAT mountain biking. We have anything from short quick trails, to multi day rides.
Our buddy Jedd, Mary and B-rad riding along Kenai Lake

keeping the boys at a reasonable pace on resurrection pass

Friends Jedd and Katie at Juneau Falls- a nice destination on the resurrection trail

Cheesy pose with our arms up!

our biking crew- Jedd, Katie, Mary and Brad
This weekend we thought we would try a 22 mile singletrack ride with promises of glacier views, bears, and sweeping mountain vistas. But, upon arriving at the trailhead, we were thwarted by a foot and a half of snow! I guess that ride will have to wait a bit. On the bright side, we hit up part of another trail, Resurrection Pass, and biked to a gorgeous waterfall. Still sweeping mountain vistas and bears :) here are a few photos of our adventures.