Saturday, June 18, 2011

Goose Bay Goodness

I know we just posted, but our stay in Goose Bay was worth another one! We met a guy on the ferry over the Labrador that let us use his SAT phone and told us to call him when we got to Goose Bay. We did, and he really took care of us! We were given a bed, showers, laundry, and even old MRE meals to take on the road! He also took us up in one of the helicopters he works with to see where our friends were (they were riding about a day behind us). It was pretty exciting, we didnt expect to get to see Labrador from a tiny helicopter! Oh, and we interviewed with the local paper about our ride, we will update that when it comes out, and we have an appointment with the TV station as well. we're FAMOUS! hahah. Thanks Wilf and Brenda!
Keith and Michaela are the tiny dot on the road. Click on the picture and you can see it bigger :)

SO excited to be in here! its my first time!

Wilf took us up in a helicopter (he works for the heli place here) to look for  out biking buddies. Pretty cool!

We got to cook our own steaks at the steakhouse where Brenda works- turns out we are  pretty good cooks!

Wilf and Brenda, our amazing hosts in Goose Bay. We call him the unofficial mayor of Goose Bay

Brad playing with Narwhal Tusks! Turns out they ARE real animals.
this is US in that helicopter! pretty cool!

Friday, June 17, 2011

A long way from no where

We just finished the first 500 KM of the labrador dirt road section... ouch! who's idea was this anyway? :) Our bums are sore and our brains are boggled, and we are suffering from shaken baby syndrome. Luckily we only have about 1200 KM left of the dirt... We are having lots of crazy times- great weather, saw a black bear (that ran away when we sang- are we that bad?) and lots of beautiful and uninhabited wilderness. Plus we get lots of respectful looks from all the motorcycle tourists :) WE LOVE LABRADOR!
thats four days of biking for us... 12 miles per granola bar= a lot of snacks packed.

yep, a long way from anything, riding on rocks.

reaching a stretch of pavement coming into Goose Bay. The first pavement we've seen in over a week- you'd kiss it too.

perfect road bike conditions...

bottled at the source :)

bears dont mess with boys who wear capes!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Foundland, New foundfriends

New Foundland was instantly a favorite for us.  The landscape is totally epic, Huge mountains, amazing coast, pristine ponds, raging whitewater, grueling granite cliffs, and best of all the people are made of actual Gold.  We met so many people that went so far out of there way for us it was creepy.  But a huge thanks to everyone that gave us a meal, Sunday devotional, boat ride, satellite phone, car rides to the viking village, a place to sleep , bike maintenance or even 40 bucks to buy breakfast.  One of my favorite parts of this trip is the people we are meeting.  I am amazed of how warmly we are welcomed into random homes and treated like family.  Even as I write this we are being prepared a moose stew for dinner by a couple who passed us on the highway yesterday.  We are still just at the tip of the iceberg (which we have seen several of) of this trip, and already I don't think there can be a better way to travel and really get to know the people in the area. 
     The knee is all better thanks to the many remedies I have been applying, and Mary taking the trailer away from me (she won't give it back ). We still get sore and tired but faster and tanner.  The one thing that people have warned us about the most in Labrador (black flies) haven't even begun yet this season, hopefully we are past when they do decide to take flight.  Our bellies are full and our arms are numb thanks to the not smooth dirt highway.  All in all things on the bikes are doing dandy.
Lonnie, Daughter of the Ocean Spray B&B that we didn't stay at but decided to treat us like guests anyways, by taking us out for a lovely afternoon to Kipple island.
"I'm the king of the world"

These days Mary gets tired of walking so I have to help her out here and there, don't worry we are getting her on a strict biking all the time exercise program as soon as we get home.

The whole gang on Kipple island. Larsens, Pateys, Hoggs, Burton
Did I mention Ocean Spray B&B in Port Saunders, NL will treat you like family

Do you know what the difference is between Mary and Brad?
Mary makes bike touring look GOOD.

Is this what heaven is like?

Another fine host for the night, possibly the only owners of a bike stand in Labrador.

Inukshuk, these guys rock

Marys Harbor,  86Km of dirt road just for this picture