Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Back off, Cabin Fever!

Now that we are in Alaska, we are doing our best to immerse ourselves in this place. In order to keep all the locals sane during the winter, we celebrate the Iditarod Dogsled race and the Fur Rondy in Anchorage, so we traveled up to be a part of the festivities! The Fur Rondy is a two week fur festival, but they have all kinds of crazy fun events for the locals to take part in.We chose to do the Running of the Reindeer- where they block off the streets and let runners and reindeer loose! That was lots of fun, and we got to slap reindeer on the butts as they ran past us. Pretty crazy. We also got to watch the start of the Last Great Race- a 1000 mile doglsed race from Wasilla to Nome. Its an event I have always wanted to see, so it was pretty exciting.
This guy was really into the fur thing- we had to have a picture with the muskox man.

we dressed up for the running of the reindeer- sorry we didnt get any pictures of the actual reindeer- we were busy running from them! 
1000 miles ahead of them!

At the (ceremonial) start of the Iditarod race

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  1. Shoot, that is pretty dang sweet. I've never even participated in Rondaaaayy, Ronday vous COME ON festivities. (did you hear that commercial at all?!) I haven't seen the ceremonial start, either. The Iditarod did come through Galena while we lived there, and I helped with it, so that was pretty sweet! Way to go friends!